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There have been many times friends, family and associates have suggested I do my own thing. An attractive idea I’ve respectfully dismissed knowing full well wine is easy to make, but hard to sell. If I was ever to start a personal winemaking project, I knew it would be entirely consuming and require a full commitment. Moving on my from my role at Wolf Blass provided the time….but what of the motivation? 

Wolf Blass Wines was an exceptionally rewarding period of my career. Three-time ‘International Winemaker of the Year’ and one International Red Winemaker of the Year award at the IWSC in London, plus four-time International Red Winemaker at the IWC Awards. Add to that a fourth Jimmy Watson Trophy, establishing a high water mark that may never be matched. Just a few highlights of the thousands of awards and trophies accorded an exceptional winemaking team I was privileged to lead. However, whilst always warmly welcomed the motivations for continuing my winemaking journey run deeper than mere accolades.

Keeping busy and staying connected to my work community are basic human motivations for not hanging up the boots. And with a daughter as a wine marketer and son a viticulturalist, dad’s ‘day job’ can continue to remain relevant to dinner table conversations. I enjoy how our family group bounces ideas around and shares knowledge. I’m also a self-confessed perfectionist with a background in science. That foundation taught me to question everything, to never be satisfied with where you are today, to always test the boundaries. Perfection is ultimately a futile ambition, but I won’t stop trying…and Hatch Wines keeps me on that journey.

Perhaps at the deepest level is the connection to Alf Vesey my great grandfather. He started working at Penfolds in 1883 where he stayed for 69 years. During that time he mentored a young bloke who went on to make quite a name for himself in Australian wine – Max Schubert. Growing up in a Methodist family with no association with alcohol, the connection to Alf gave me an extra level of purpose to what I’m doing. To continue a South Australian family’s association with wine that began in 1883…which hopefully lays the foundations for that to be sustained for many generations to come.

Hatch - March 2024

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